I am a product leader with over 7 years of experience in the cloud-native observability sector, bringing a rich background in software engineering and architecture. Driven by customer-centricity and continuous innovation, I thrive on creating products that resonate deeply with users. Over the past year, I’ve championed three key product initiatives from inception to GA, achieving a notable reduction in churn and a significant increase in Annual Revenue.

Currently leading product efforts at Elastic, I collaborate with a talented and globally distributed team spanning engineering, UX, and marketing, as we navigate the intricate terrains of product discovery, design, and development. My role is accentuated by my passion for cloud-native technologies, backed by a unique blend of leadership, technical proficiency, and analytical prowess. As a tech enthusiast who transitioned into product management, I embody the ‘techie-turned-PM’ philosophy.

For those keen on engaging with a seasoned professional with extensive expertise in observability and a consistent track record of elevating products from 0 to 1, I welcome meaningful conversations and potential collaborations.

My Philosophy

In the realm of product management, I operate with a distinct ethos – one forged at the intersection of technology, business, and analytics. I describe it as the ‘techie-turned-PM’ spirit. This unique blend empowers me to bridge the often elusive gap between technical intricacies and business imperatives, delivering tangible value.

What Drives Me

Central to my leadership approach is a profound commitment to understanding and addressing the authentic needs of our customers. I prioritise identifying the true problem at hand, eschewing the allure of mere consensus. The journey, from the initial stages of discovery and design to the final phases of development, is fueled by my relentless pursuit of groundbreaking innovation. I am impassioned by the challenges we surmount and the transformative solutions we craft, with the end-user consistently at the epicentre of our endeavours.

My Current Role

At Elastic, my mandate is extensive. I steer a diverse team scattered across the globe, comprising engineers, UX designers, and marketing aficionados. Our collective mission revolves around the eBPF-based Continuous Profiling product, seamlessly integrating with avant-garde platforms like OpenTelemetry and ML/AIOps.

My Expertise

  • Mastery over Cloud-Native Technologies
  • Adeptness in Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Proficient Leadership & Team Management
  • Robust Analytical & Problem-Solving Skills


  • MBA in Data Analytics - Arden University, Coventry, UK
  • MSc in Telecommunications Engineering - Middlesex University, London, UK
  • BSc in Computer Science - Markudi, Nigeria.


  • HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate
  • Certified Kubernetes Application Developer
  • Google Cloud Platform Certified Architect
  • The Open Group Framework (TOGAF 9) Certified
  • Microsoft Certified Solution Architect: Azure Cloud Platform